Tax Returns

We file ‘online’ from day 1 - and not just after the paper version deadline of 31st October. It is safe, and secure, and in recent years very reliable but in any event there is a confirmation that the return has been filed. Conversations when the records are handed over sometimes lead on to constructive advice which is what you would expect from an accountant.

Tax Planning

This sometimes just happens when clients bring their records in. We try to make a constructive input if it presents itself as just ‘waiting to be made’.


The self employed also need accounts produced to form the basis of the Tax Return. The records come to us in various formats, and suggestions are sometimes made on improvements to record keeping. These comments are carefully balanced against taking the client out of his ‘comfort zone’. The accounts may also be used for borrowing purposes, bank loans mortgages etc.


We will give assistance, in ensuring that your books and records are completed properly, and give you the information that you require in as simple a form as possible as well as satisfying the requirements of the Inland Revenue. We like you to be in control of your accounts, but if required, we will complete all of your records that are incomplete. Often this amounts to VAT returns, bank reconciliations, control accounts, PAYE etc.


With payroll we will take away all of the complications providing you with monthly amounts to pay employees and the Inland Revenue, together with payslips, summary reports and annual returns.

Management Accounts

If your accounts need managing then we can manage them! This service would very likely follow pulling together the clients bookkeeping records and might be just a management tool or a requirement for bank lending.